Ideacomb delivered on its promise of structuring Employee collaboration on idea submission & management across our enterprise. Exactly what we needed.
Jaykrishanan Manager-Systems,Sandvik Asia
ideacomb helps filter good ideas with various stages of Review Process.We now know exactly what,why and how it progressed.
General ManagerSesa Goa

Ideacomb, the customizable Idea management solution, offers

Customized User Interface

Our experts will work with you to design the user interface(UI) for Ideacomb with your existing intranet solutions

Workflow Development Services

Creating and managing formal and informal workflow is one of Ideacomb’s superior features.

Integration With Existing Application

Easy to integrate it with other enterprise applications such as Knowledge Management Protal, Project management, SAP and other line of business applications


We offer 3 days of train-the-trainer program as a part of the product license.

Assistance in Widget Development

Ideacomb comes with built-in widgets that address the requirements related with Idea Capture, Idea Pipeline Management and Performance Measurement Metrics.


We provide extended technical support services to our customers in case you come across any roadblock.


Embark on a real Change with Idea Management Software!

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IdeaComb: An Emancipation in Management

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Why Should Companies Invest in Idea Management Consulting Services?

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About Us

Ideacomb is developed by SpadeWorx, an organization that has a group of highly qualified professionals delivering rich, intuitive, and usable business and consumer applications. We have been recognized in the Top 50 Emerging IT companies list for two consecutive years (2009-10) by NASSCOM®.

We have created User Centered Software EngineeringTM (UCSETM) methodology to design and develop software solutions that are relevant, contextual and effective to the end users. Our latest offering, Ideacomb is focused at providing customized Idea Management solutions to various verticals according to their needs.

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